5 Reasons Why People Love The Daily

Are your hangovers getting worse as you get older?

Do you notice your energy falling towards the end of the day? Do you find it hard to concentrate? Is your mood up and down? 

We felt the same way. But what’s the answer?

We all lead busy lives. We sweat and we lose electrolytes. Replacing what we lose is key to staying happy and healthy.

Energy drinks are loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. 

Excess caffeine isn't friendly on the gut and can lead to jitters and poor sleep.

Hydration is crucial to staying healthy, but drinking plain water just won’t cut it...

So we developed The Daily, our great tasting, scientifically-formulated rehydration mix.

Here's how The Daily can help.

1. Sustained Energy Levels

The Daily has been designed to help you hydrate faster and more efficiently than water alone. It contains 15 specifically-selected electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to help you navigate the long work day. Enjoy sustained energy and avoid lethargic afternoon slumps. You may also feel more focused, motivated and less stressed.

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2. Tackle Hangovers Head On 

Dehydration is one of the main causes of hangover symptoms. The Daily replenishes the coenzymes and cofactors your body uses up when you drink, supporting the ongoing metabolism of alcohol. Inefficient breakdown leads to a buildup of acetaldehyde, a toxic molecule that damages the body's organs and can cause symptoms commonly known as hangovers. Our essential nutrients help replace fluids lost whilst drinking fluids and support the body when breaking down and filtering out toxins caused by alcohol. 


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3. Boost Your Body's Natural Defences (Immunity)

Nobody has time for being sick and when you have a healthy immune system, you’re less likely to come down with a cold, virus, or the flu. Plus, when your overall health is in good shape, you can feel good, do more, and live better! Vitamin C & D help improve immune function and reduce the duration of cold symptoms. Vitamin D, B12 and B6 help support cellular immunity and provide natural energy.

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4. Tastes Great (And No Nasties)

The Daily offers a boost to your body’s natural processes, without the addition of nasty stimulants and excipients. Some multivitamin companies may not want you to know about their fillers, additives, and mysterious ingredients, but not us. The Daily is also caffeine-free, which means you are far less likely to experience unwanted side effects like jitters and insomnia caused by alternatives like energy drinks and coffee. The Daily is less than 10 calories per serve and has no added sugar. It is pharmaceutical grade, TGA approved and Australian-made. It's available in a refreshing lime flavour that our customers rave about!



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5. It’s Convenient

Forget taking a cocktail of hard to swallow vitamin pills. The Daily not only reduces the amount of vitamins you need to take, but thanks to pre-portioned sachets is incredibly convenient. The Daily is highly soluble so you can easily mix it with your favourite alcoholic drinks. You can also add it to water, juice, smoothies or coconut water. 

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Your "once everyday" solution to getting the most out of hydration. 

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