Our story

Inspired by a shared idea of simplifying supplementation, the ethos that underpins the Vitadrop brand is based on our own experiences with health and wellness. 

While we all believe in supplements, we feel that many of the mainstream brands have lost touch with the modern lifestyle, characterised by people who like to let loose, but also want to stay healthy. 

So, we set out to create products that amplify the natural processes and energy our bodies naturally produce, with scientifically formulated supplements that support the eclectic mix of lifestyles our community thrives on. 

We believe in small changes, with a big impact. Seeing an opportunity to bring a fresh approach to supplementation, we aim to bring science and nature together to create powerful wellness solutions, without unnecessary nasties or fillers.

We aspire to create products that benefit our community, and fit seamlessly into anyone’s wellness routine.

We're so proud to be completely Australian owned and operated, supporting homegrown and helping make owning Australian made something worth aspiring to. So naturally, we’re all about protecting the environment we not only rely on, but are inspired by. While sustainability is an ongoing process, it’s a factor at the forefront of everything we do. 

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